Note to my (hopefully) new employer

I have been pretty amiss when it comes to writing lately. Besides a bit of laziness, one of the major reasons is because I’m job hunting; which can not only be time consuming but exhausting. In the midst of sending resumes and stalking job posts, I’ve been stressing about the interview process. I can be pretty shy so meeting and talking to strangers is always difficult. I always hoped that I could express myself to my employers in a different way, a more personal way than a resume or cover letter. Maybe a letter like:

Dear Future Employer,

My name is Stephanie and I read your recent job posting and knew instantly this job was for me. Trust me on this I’m awesome!

You’re Welcome,


Or a possible employer could stalk me on Facebook and see all my witty status’ and how skilled I am on Candy Crush. Either way the extreme stress I have about the interview process is dampening the job hunting experience for me (though is it every really positive  for anyone??)

I will do better with my blogging though! I already have some great ideas 😀 Wish me luck fellow bloggers!!


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