Carlton’s Magical Train: L-O-V-E

Sandwiches. She had to sell sandwiches. Carlton looked at the counter where Samantha stood smiling and speaking with the local busybody Doris Acer. She was beautiful and clearly patient, heaven knows Doris could talk someone’s ear off. When he asked his train for sandwiches he hadn’t expected this he thought, then grimaced ‘asked his train’ he sounded crazy.

Samantha glanced up and caught Carlton’s eye and smiled. This is the third day Carlton had come into the Samantha’s sandwich shop he thought as he gathered his stuff, she must think I’m obsessed.

“Carlton, come tell Samantha about our ‘Sweetheart Dance” Doris bellowed over at him. The Sweetheart dance was Port Jervis’s annual Valentine’s Day tradition, mostly for the older couples in town.

“Well not too much to tell…” Carlton started.

“Oh Carlton’s being modest, it’s an excellent time. Very romantic. Are you dating anyone?” Carlton held his breath, of course Doris would pry out the question he had been wanting to know since he met her.

Samantha blushed. “Well no not at this moment.” She glanced quickly as Carlton’s face, was that a glint of interest or just wishful thinking on her part. “Just trying to settle in for now.”

“Amazing, you must come. I won’t take no for an answer.” Doris exclaimed glancing at Carlton and Samantha. Young people were so transparent nowadays, these two were clearly interested in each other.

Carlton had to escape before Doris set them up or said something really inappropriate. “Well ladies I have to get back to the rails but have a good rest of the day.” and Carlton raced out the door.

Samantha took a deep breath, if the way Carlton ran out of here was any indication she was definitely wishful thinking.


Carlton was in a grumpy mood. It was Valentine’s Day and his train had been full of happy snuggling couples all day. Doris already reminded him this morning of his single status and the Sweetheart dance tonight. She had also casually mentioned that Samantha would be attending too. Interfering old bat.

Looking at his watch, he realized that the Sweetheart dance would be starting any minute. He just had to make this one stop first, he needed a good luck charm tonight. Staring at his train he just made one request, just let me have a good night.


Carlton walked into the rented out hall where the dance was be held while it was in full swing. Though Bob Lincoln, an older pharmacist in town, had grabbed her for a dance Samantha noticed the instant he walked in. He had a kind smile and the older women flocked to him. A hint of jealously hit her, you are being silly they are double his age!

“Get ready for another slow jam folks,” the dj announced. Carlton glanced around and saw Samantha in the corner the first time all night she wasn’t surrounded by people, now was his chance, he thought.

“Hi there, having a good night?” he said.

“Yea very nice time, everyone has been so friendly.” Samantha glanced at the dance floor, would he ask her, she thought nervously.

“You wouldn’t want to head out there, would you?” noticing her eyes had drifted to the dance floor.

Samantha blushed. “Sure, I mean if you want to”

Carlton smiled, his train had done it again, this was going to be a great night he thought as he grabbed her hand.

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