My Father’s Wishes

While I’m having a hard time finishing the next segment of ‘Carlton’s Magical Train’, this story came to me. Hope you enjoy ūüôā

Charlotte looked at the stranger in her driver’s seat. Her day had begun normal enough, she had¬†brushed her teeth and got ready for work when her phone rang. Charlotte looked over at the stranger again, she knew she shouldn’t have picked up the phone.

Earlier that Morning

“Hello” Charlotte said hastily as she pulled up your tights and juggled the phone at the same time. Silence greeted her on the other end. ¬†“Helloooo” Charlotte was about to hang up when she heard a voice on the other line.

“Is this Charlotte Healy?” the male voice said with a hint of an accent that she couldn’t quite place.

“Yes this is Charlotte, can I ask who’s calling?

“Is your father Charles Healy?” Charlotte hesitated, her father, she hadn’t thought about him for years. When her mother had died five years ago she assumed that her father would come back for the funeral and they would be a family again. That had been a daydream though, Charles hadn’t bothered coming to the funeral.

“Yes, yes. Can I ask who’s calling?”

“I’m sorry to tell you this but your father died this morning. ” Dead. Charlotte hadn’t spoken to her father in ten years. Now she never would she thought to herself. ¬†The dial tone brought her back to reality. She could call the library and call out of work but keeping busy will probably keep her mind off of it. Luckily it was only a couple of blocks, she would walk, get some air. That ended up being the second mistake she made that morning.

Charlotte lived in a quiet neighborhood, she knew her neighbors thought of her as the spinster next¬†door which was perfectly fine with¬†her. Growing up with her mother was sometimes difficult for the¬†straight-laced Charlotte.¬†Charlotte’s mother June¬†had been a¬†free spirit and some would say probably not fit to be a mother, Charlotte remembered on many occasions finding her brown bag lunch was full of love poems to give her sustenance. What Charlotte would have really wanted was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like the rest of the kids. It was thanks to the school librarian, Ms. Jeffries who took her¬†under her wing, it was thanks to her that she¬†is a librarian today.¬†Now she loved her quiet lifestyle.

It was probably due to her musings that she didn’t notice the¬†blue SUV pull up in front¬†of her or the¬†6 ft. male coming out of the SUV. That is until he was right in front of her.

“Ms. Healy, you need to come with me.” Charlotte would have laughed in his face if his face¬†didn’t look so intimidating. How many times had she read¬†that line in one of her romance-mysteries she loved to read.¬†This was real life though.

“I’m not sure who you are but I’m headed to wor-umphh” Charlotte started to panic as he grabbed her arm and put his hand over her mouth. Was she being kidnapped?

The stranger pulled her to the passenger door and turned to face her still frowning, “Listen, I can’t explain everything but I’m an ex-partner of your father and I’m here to protect you. You are in grave danger. You can’t go back to your house or work, they’ll be there already.”

Charlotte’s head was swimming, “Who’s they? Where are we headed? Why should I trust you, what if you are here to hurt me too?” Charlotte had a million questions but just as she was about to ramble more questions they both heard the squealing tires. Looking back at her house she saw three black SUVs pull up to her house. The stranger turned back to look at her.

“Let’s go”

* * *

Charlotte was on edge. That was actually¬†an understatement, she was terrified. The stranger might have said five words since she got in the car. She wanted to scream this doesn’t happen to librarians, but there she was with a stranger going who knows where. Time to take control.

“I need to know what’s going on.” Charlotte said shakily. She saw the stranger’s face tense. It must be bad.

“We’re heading to your father’s office, then hopefully¬†to the police.” The stranger¬†spared her a glance then looked back at the road.

“I need to know more than that! I don’t even know who you are!”

Sam Brockman sighed. This is why he never did favors for friends. When Charles Healy called him two weeks ago he would never know the heap of trouble he would be in now.¬†“My name is Sam.”

So the stranger had a name. That didn’t make Charlotte feel better though. “You said you knew my father?”

Sam definitely knew Charles.  Ten years ago, Sam had been a twenty-one year old heading down the wrong path when Charles Healy had stopped and interrogated him, and scared the snot out of him. It was why Sam enlisted and turned around his life, It was also why he was in the car right now with his fidgety daughter.

“Yes, I knew your father. He was a mentor to me in a sense.”

“What did he do?”

Sam remembered Charles saying that him and his daughter weren’t close. “He was a police officer, mostly undercover. Not close, huh?”

“Yes, you could say that. We have been estranged since he left my mother. I got a call this morning saying he passed away, is that true?” Charlotte held her breath, wondering what she really wanted the answer to be.

“Yes, he was killed this morning.” Sam felt the familiar pain of loss. “I’m sorry for you loss.”

“Can’t really mourn someone you didn’t know. So where’s my father’s office?”

“D.C.” Hopefully there was some answers there too.


This is what I have for now. I’ll write some more soon! Any suggestions please let me know