Carlton’s Magical Train: Saving Christmas

Image Carlton was getting worried. It was two days before what would have been Christmas and what usually was a lively town filled with holiday spirit was just barren and cold. Carlton wracked his brain the day Josie made him realize that no one knew what Christmas was; what could he have possibly done to have ruined the holidays. Many sleepless nights made him realize it must have been the train and he didn’t know how but he was going to fix it.

Which is why Carlton was staring at his train hours after his shift was over expecting it to do something.

“Come on” he muttered for the umpteenth time wondering if he was just losing his mind.

“I was wrong about Christmas. The holidays are special, I shouldn’t take them for granted. Please do something.” he shouted at the train but nothing. All the things that he complained about before, he missed now; the carolers, the wreaths. Carlton sighed. 

 “Hey Carlton, what are you still doing here?” Carlton’s boss, Neil Thompson said as he stepped out of his office.

“Nothing Neil, just about to head home.” Carlton was about to walk out when he heard Neil call his name.

“Carlton, while you’re still here, can you move your train to the yard? Sorry about the last minute notice but we’re getting some extra deliveries for the end of the month.” Neil said and threw Carlton the keys.

Carlton sighed as he climbed into the cab of his train, it wasn’t like he had anything else going on. Carlton slowly pulled the train into the yard thinking about past holiday seasons. Carlton lingered in the yard for a minute before jumping out of the cab and heading back to the station. It was as he was walking up to the platform that he noticed something, twinkling lights.

“What the..”

“Oh Carlton, come give me a hand” Carlton jumped as he noticed Doris Acer, his sweet senior citizen neighbor on a ladder near the station sign.

“Of course, but what are you doing?” Carlton said as held the ladder as Doris climbed down.

“Well, what do you think, silly? I have to put these decorations up for Christmas.”

“Christmas? You know about Christmas?!” Carlton exclaimed growing excited.

Doris looked at him strangely. “What do you mean ‘I know about Christmas’, are you feeling ok?”

Carlton laughed, he’s gotten used to people looking at him strangely, but somehow he did it; he got Christmas back. Carlton looked back at his train, he wondered what else his train could do?

Carlton’s Magical Train

This is just a little story I have been working on. Let me know what you think 🙂

Carlton’s Magical Train

Carlton had the holiday blues. The snow was slushy and grey on the ground. The sound of carolers was making him twitch. There was no two words about it, Carlton hated the holidays. As Carlton trudged to the train he cringed as he noticed the townspeople starting to hang decorations. ‘I wish I was in a place where Christmas didn’t exist’ he murmured to himself.

Carlton, though grumpy about many things that morning, was not grumpy about his job. Carlton was a train operator for Port Bayonne and drove trains up the Richard-Valley line. Carlton loved his job and for the most part loved his town though during Christmas season they did go decoration crazy.

Carlton eventually got to his train and got ready for his first shift. As he started the train, he noticed a fog rolling in. As he headed to the Port Bayonne platform he noticed the fog was getting worse. By the time he reached the platform the fog was so thick that seeing through the window was almost impossible. Carlton jumped out of the cab on the platform to see if he could get a weather report from one of the locals. Carlton stopped short as he looked around. The platform didn’t look the one he had seen since the first of December. There was no wreaths hanging on the fence or garland hanging on the ‘Port Bayonne’ sign, no loud Christmas music blaring over the loud speakers. As he looked around he realized all signs of Christmas were gone. As he looked around in disbelief he noticed Josie DeAlmeida, the local baker coming up the platform stairs with multiple packages. December was the busiest season for Josie so he was shocked to see her.

“Hey Josie. Need some help?” Carlton said as he reached her and grabbed some of her packages. “Where are you off too? I’m surprised you left the bakery this late in December.”

Josie looked confused. “I shut down the bakery for the winter, Carlton. You know how dead it gets here during the winter. I’m going to my mom’s until February”

Carlton was shocked, “What about Christmas and the holiday rush?”

Josie looked at Carlton in concern, “Carlton, are you feeling ok? What’s Christmas?”  

Carlton stopped short and looked at Josie. She was dead serious, she didn’t know what Christmas was. It looked like Carlton got his wish, now what was he going to do about it.

To be continued…